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Iron-on Transfer - Friends of Finley - Cancer Awareness

Iron-on Transfer - Friends of Finley - Cancer Awareness


**ALL the profit will be donated in support of her family!**


Those transfers are perfect if you already have a purple shirt.  NOTE: you will only receive the transfer, not the t-shirts.



These transfers can be applied ONLY to apparel.

*Temperature: 280-300 F / 155-160 C
*Medium pressure for 10-15 seconds.
*Pressure 6 KG
*Allow 15-20 seconds to cool before peeling
*Cold Peel


SIZES: we have 4 options:

1st fits: AXS (Adult XS), YXS (Youth xs), YS, and YM.

2nd fits: AS, AM, YL, YXL

3rd fits: AL and AXL

4th fits: A2XL, A3XL, and A4XL

(A is for Adult, and Y is for Youth)


If you live in Inspiration, or nearby, and want to pick it up, use the code GOFINLEY at checkout so you won't be charged for shipping.

PLEASE, if you use the code, DO NOT EXPECT your order to be shipped.  IT'S ONLY FOR PICK-UP.

Thank you!

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