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MORE Customizable

When you chose to customize with us, a symbolic set-up/designer's fee of $5 is charged only once (per design).  This goes into the time the Digital Artist will spend working on your request and making any corrections you may ask.  Another option we give to our customers is: if you find a design that you like on Etsy for example, we'll ask you to send us the link, and we make the purchase (legal reasons).  The price of the design (exactly as shown on Etsy - including sales taxes) will be included in your final price.  The P.I.S. setup fee won't be charged in this case.  NOTE:  Designs from Etsy, Design Bundle, and such doesn't allow us to make any modification.  We will be able to add a name, and that's it.

Fill out this form to request  your customized products
Let us know what products you want, and the designs you want on them!

We will get back to you shortly! Thank you for contacting us!`

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