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Gnome Cutter Set

Gnome Cutter Set


This cutter is designed to work with polymer clay.  It is made with PLA plastic. PLA is a biodegradable PLA plastic. The edge of the cutters is 0.4mm.
Do not bake, don't wash in the dishwasher, and do not leave in the sun.


Tips for using the cutters for the easiest separation of the cutters: you can use a brush to add a little bit of cornstarch/baby powder/dry clay powder to the cutters before use, or just use the water method.  Add water in a bowl, dip just the cutter blade in it, and cut your clay!! 


2 pcs set comes with 1 "hat" + body

3 pcs see come with 2 hats (to match) + body


Dimensions: The size always refers to the widest/tallest part of the cut shape.

If you need a custom size or set of any of my cutters, please send me a message and I will create it for you!

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