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All finished products are custom-made, so all sales are final.  Do you want to gift someone with something special and exclusive, or do you want something for yourself?  Contact us with your idea, and we will put it on the product of your choice!!! 

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Here at Pro.Imagery.Studios, we create sublimation designs of all types and styles!!  We have DIGITAL designs for tumblers, mugs, coasters, t-shirts, earrings, mousepads, and much, much more!!!!    

PianoVille  Collection

        The Note family of Pianoville brings a new interactive approach to teaching the piano for the very young beginner. Children's imaginations will run free while reading the story of each note and the connections among them through the storyline. The pictures bring in playfulness, but they also have educational purposes. 
         Written by Marcia Goulart. Illustrations by Wanda Plantinga. Complementary products by Priscilla Goulart-Smith.    
         Enjoy our range of Pianoville music lesson supplies.  More to come!!!

Those are just a few products that we have available right now!  However, we've been working day and night to bring you more amazing products with the Note Family!! 

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